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Thor Review

Based on the comics rather than strictly the traditional Norse mythology, Marvel yet again brings us another superhero blockbuster straight from Hollywood, with a star-studded cast, an amazing array of special effects and some breath-taking action scenes. 


Newcomer Chris Hemsworth takes the lead as Thor himself; the arrogant, hot-headed God of  Thunder who is cast out of Asgard (land of the Gods) by his father (Anthony Hopkins), and crashes down to earth, drained of his powers. Thor soon meets scientist Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman) and falls in love, but a threat straight from Asgard means he has to learn how to overcome his personality flaws and try to save the world.


While this may sound like many of the other recent ‘Superhero’ films, Thor is surprisingly impressive, not only visually, but with a storyline and script that feels original and easily keeps the audience’s attention for the entire two hours. Hemsworth’s performance will no doubt secure him many more future ‘tough-guy’ roles on the silver screen, and even as Portman has dominated our film releases so far this year already, her performance is refreshingly light-hearted following her performance in Black Swan.


As all recent Marvel films have been, Thor is also part of a run-up to soon-to-be-released film The Avengers, which features all, if not most, of the iconic Marvel heroes we’ve come to know over the past few years. Make sure to look for small nods to other Marvel movies throughout the film, as well as being sure to watch the end-of-credits sequence for a hint towards the upcoming Avengers.


This is a great action and adventure film, which is perfect for any Saturday night in,  so get the popcorn in and have a night in front of the tv!

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