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Great Gift Ideas

Ineedpampering strive to find the best present for all occasions and will list any great gift ideas that come across our desks here.

Valentine's Day Offers

Discover our brilliant Valentine's Day offers for luxury packages available for two people to enjoy together...

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Spending Guide for Valentine's Day

Find out the perfect spa package choices available for Valetine's day, depending on your budget,

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Autumn Activities Perfect For Couples

Enjoying the slightly colder weather means getting cosy with your loved one. But what if you want to go outside? Here are some brilliant activities you and your partner can do in Autumn and Winter.

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Girls Weekends Away

Girl Power sounds so 1990's but why wait for someone to spoil us, it isn't all about that special someone, but them special someones. Taking time to treat not only yourself but those closest to you, to an amazing weekend!

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Pamper Experiences

Finally Christmas has passed and is out the way along with all the stress of cooking, presents and people visiting has gone, then New Year left its mark

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Fantastic Spa Breaks

The likelihood is you’ve heard your friends talking about spa days, or weekend breaks for their birthday or anniversary and whilst you’re there nodding and smiling you’re actually thinking “and how much has this cost!?”

Then comes some reassurance, as they tell you they managed to get one of these deals, but we all know what you’re thinking: hidden costs, poorer quality, bad dates available? I’m here to get you to erase those thoughts and trust them. You can actually get a lot for a little.

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Afternoon Tea for Two

the perfect afternoon tea for two


After a day of tiring shopping I was treated to Afternoon tea for two, and all I can say is, it is the perfect way to get rid of those shopping legs and feet. A luxury retreat after a busy day surrounded by people; it made me feel pampered and relaxed whilst looking over some great views by the picturesque canal side. I would highly recommend this for numerous occasions, whether it be a date with a loved one, a catch up with a friend or even (and especially) just to get out the house and away from the noise of the children, whatever reason it is you’re going for, it is bound to make you feel relaxed, special and PAMPERED!

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The Perfect Makeover Photo Shoot

Several images of a luxury Makeover Photo shoot experience


A photographic makeover experience is the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas with different studio options nationwide; you can give the gift of glamour and transformation this year to someone special. Even if you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping, why not buy one for yourself? They’re the perfect remedy to the winter blues, and you’ll come away with not only some fantastic photos, but the feeling of having an amazing day, too.

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The Greatest Gift is an Unforgettable Experience


Flowers, chocolate, perfume, shoes…every birthday and Christmas presents come and go, we get asked what we want and each gift is wrapped, opened and then are forgotten about a few months down the line. Memories are what we cherish throughout our lifetime, there’s no better way to show someone how much you care than through experiencing something truly special with them. Whether it is a simple romantic meal together, pampering spa days or an adrenaline filled driving experience.

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Boutique Hotels we love to visit

A boutique hotel is something not many of us have had the pleasure of visiting, but something we all definitely should. This irregular breed of hotels is becoming increasingly popular, with many popping up all over the world, and people becoming more and more interested in what they have to offer. Hotel stays aren’t just about having somewhere to sleep for the night; they should be something that is relished and enjoyed for what the hotel has to offer, and how they make you feel. Here’s our pick of boutique hotels we’d love to pay a visit to, and you should too!

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