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An excellent pampering!

This amazing package includes a 2 hour treatment at luxury hotels and Spas around the UK, which will relieve you from stress and pamper you to the fullest.  This is a truly wonderful experience worth every penny, which includes a fully body massage (60minutes long), a luxury facial (30minutes long) and Manicure or Pedicure (30minutes long).

While enjoy your manicure or pedicure you can sip away on your glass of champagne or wine whilst your nails are preened to perfection. The package doesn’t only stop there you are also allowed to use the Spa or Hotel facilities throughout the day. These facilities include top of the range Jacuzzis, gym, pool, spa pools, sauna, steam and other relaxation areas. Making sure your day of relaxation doesn’t just stop after your 2hour treatment.  I have personally used this amazing treatment package, to relax and enjoy a quite peaceful day out, while sipping on a cooled glass of champagne getting my nails done.

During my day of treatment I was able to forget about everything stressful in my life and treat myself to a luxurious day of treatment I wished will never end.  This luxury package is priced at £129 but once you’ve finished your treatment session your able to use the hotel or spa top of range facilities to enjoy your day of treatment. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day of treatment, there’s no better package than this.

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