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DVD of the Week Bad Teacher

The film centres around Diaz’s character, Elizabeth Halsey, who is a bad-mannered, selfish, gold-digging teacher who smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. The story follows her as she is dumped by her rich fiancé and is forced to return to work for her previous employers: the local high school. Soon, she meets fellow teacher Scott Delacorte  (Timberlake) who she discovers comes from a rich family, and immediately sets her sights on dating him. Halsey soon hatches a plot to save up for breast implants that she believes will attract Delacorte, but hits snags along the way when rival teacher Amy Squirrel begins vying for Delacorte’s attention, and gym teacher Russell Gettis (Segel) starts to take an interest in Halsey herself.


The plot could certainly be described as a little odd, and at some times unbelievable, but the writers definitely deserve credit for creating an original concept. Halsey is a completely unlikable main character, with highly questionable morals and a somewhat worrying drug problem, but strangely the audience is on her side throughout the entire film, and immediately dislikes anyone trying to get in the way of her master plan. Whether this is due to extremely likeable Cameron Diaz herself playing the troubled teacher, or the odd glimmer of goodness seen in her character throughout the film I’m not sure, but it’s definitely interesting. This isn’t a ‘laugh-a-minute’ comedy, and some parts seem slightly overlooked (for example, Halsey is broke and saves every dollar she makes for her upcoming boob job, yet the film makes a point of regularly showing her in different pairs of notoriously expensive Christian Louboutin shoes) but it is original, entertaining, and worth a watch; even if just to see Justin Timberlake play a hilariously uncool goody two-shoes (who could probably do with just a little bit of male grooming).


If you’re into comedies like Role Models, Forgetting Sarah Marshall or I Love You, Man, you’ll definitely enjoy Bad Teacher.

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