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RELEASE DATE: Monday 21st February CERT: 15

Red stands for retired, extremely dangerous but it could just as well stand for 'really enjoyable diversion'. Jam-packed with big name actors who aren't exactly spring chickens. Red is more of a thinking man/woman's The Expendables, a film it will be constantly compared to mainly due to the fact they're both action films with older casts. Red's better scripted and has more humour (and romance), but what Red really has that The Expendables can't match is two strong female leads who don't normally make a living in action films. The tag team of Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker is unbeatable, with Dame Mirren showing serious chops as an action hero and Parker playing the outsider who's totally captivated by the dangerous antics of Bruce Willis and crew.

Red's not going to get points for originality; we've seen 'retired hitmen/agents/bodyguards/fill in the blank with anyone who handled a gun as part of their job films' before. However, Red does succeed where other films of its ilk have failed by never playing sloppy with the story, even during its most over-the-top action scenes. Plus, Red's just plain fun. Another big point in it's favour is that it's not aimed just at drawing in teens and young adults as so many action films are. This is an action comedy that should pull in older audiences and even, believe it or not, could be considered a decent date movie.

Fast-paced, well acted, and entertaining, Red's got a lot going for it. But at the top of the list of reasons to recommend seeing it has to be Dame Helen Mirren. 65 year old four-time Oscar nominee/one-time winner Helen Mirren carries a big gun and plows down bad guys as though she's been handling automatic weapons all of her life. That alone makes Red worth watching.



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