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Manchester Christmas Markets

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times, with all types of activities and festivals taking place there is plenty to do for everyone. One of our favorite things to do is spend time at the Manchester Christmas Market, which takes place every year around this time of the month.

During the holiday season, lots of people are expecting family members to stay with them. Besides shopping, the cinema and tourist attractions, the Manchester Christmas market is perfect for a family day out. It features many stalls with games, all types of cuisines and most of all amazing unique gift shops to purchase souvenirs and gifts. Last year’s Christmas market had several stalls that sell the most delicious malt wine, perfect for a chilly day. If you were thinking of attending the market, we would definitely recommend dressing extra warm and comfortable.

This year the Manchester market celebrates its fourteenth year, making it that much more exciting with extra special lights and shows for all to enjoy. The Christmas market has around two hundred exciting stalls and it gets bigger and better every year. With delicious delicacies from around Europe, unique crafts, jewelry, clothes, toys and plenty of gifts to get your loved ones the Manchester Christmas markets is a fabulous way of spending time with the family. It is a truly international event where people from everywhere come together and celebrate this festive season with laughs, smiles and lots of fun. If you’re like us and love a little drink, their bars are opened until 9pm and all bars have plenty of different unique beers to choose from.  Last year, I took my mom and aunts with me to the market and they absolutely loved it. We walked around, enjoyed meeting people and most of all tried out plenty of delicious dishes. The price is affordable and it is a lovely way of spending quality time with your family together. After attending the market, I took them for an afternoon tea at the luxury Marriott Victoria and Albert. It was a perfect quiet time to relax from the long day at the market and to catch up on some gossip.


The afternoon tea included delicious fresh cream scones, a selection of finely made finger sandwiches and a variety of fresh pastries and cookies to choose from. It was a perfect ending to the evening. To all those expecting family or friends over this holiday season make sure to take them to the lovely Manchester Christmas markets for a fun and fabulous time, and if you want to catch up and relax in a quiet serene venue, go for afternoon tea at the Victoria and Albert Marriott Hotel. The service, the tea and the lovely fresh pastries are fabulous. 

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