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Film Night: Paranormal Activity 3

This weeks film review Paranormal Activity 3.


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For any of you that have seen the first Paranormal Activity, you’ll probably remember that it didn’t initially scream ‘sequel’ (or prequel as it seems). The initial film seemed to have so much more success than predicted, and since then, around Halloween in both 2010 and 2011, there have been new Paranormal offerings for us to enjoy.


Many people have stated that Paranormal Activity and it’s successors have been some of the scariest films to come out for years, partially due to it’s fly-on-the-wall filming style, and partially due to the fact that it all seems so ‘real’ with the characters and story being tangible and relatable. This was true for the first two films, but the third seems to lose a bit of its realism with some detachment from the original story and slightly bizarre events. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t an entertaining watch!


The film begins with familiar characters Katie and Kristi, who find a box of old video tapes from when they were children, and this is what becomes the ‘footage’ shown in the film. The tapes show the girls as children, where they start experiencing strange, ghostly happenings within their new home. The younger sister Kristi befriends a strange entity called ‘Toby’, who follows her around the home, while her parents initially just believe she has an imaginary friend, but things take a more sinister turn when Kristi refuses to be his friend any longer and things in the house start to get very creepy (which even a hotel break couldn’t fix!).


While I’m sure that if watched in the correct order (PA 3, then 2, then 1) the stories wouldn’t quite gel together as the writers had hoped, the film is definitely something different from the last two, but make sure you’re prepared for all the inevitable ‘jump out of your seat’ moments! Also, while there’s not a huge range of scary films out at the moment for horror buffs to enjoy, this is definitely a great stopgap and is a great film to watch over the upcoming autumnal weekend!

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