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  • How to Pick the Best Massage for You

    Stuck how to pick the best massage for you? We are going to help you learn how to pick the best massage for you, with knowledge of the benefits that each massage technique can achieve. There are over 200 different massage techniques available, so it is understandable that it can become very confusing. But never fear, we are here to help you make the right choice of massage for you with the right benefits to leave you feeling revitalised after your massage session. How to pick the best massage for you is very simple once you know what to look for. Follow our advice and you will never be confused with which massage again.

     Relaxation and Stress Relief Massage

    Are you looking to relax and de-stress? Some massages are very soothing and comforting, to help take that stress off your shoulders. If you are looking to unwind these are the best massages for you.

     Hot Stone Massage


    A Hot Stone Massage is done using, you guessed it, hot stones. The stones will be placed down on you, to create a weight and sooth you into relaxation. The masseuse will also use the stones to massage you. The feeling is very soft and smooth, which you would not get from hands.


    • To create a centred feeling
    • Release very tense muscles
    • Relaxation

    Swedish Massage

    The Swedish massage is the most common type of massage, so great for beginners. The techniques used will seem very similar to you, as they are the ones most likely replicated by amateur Masseuses’.


    • A great introduction into massage
    • Stress relief
    • Relaxing
    • Releases cramp and tense muscles

    Pain Relief and To Treat Conditions

    Sometimes you need more than just a relaxing massage to get you feeling back to yourself. When you are looking for relief from painful knots or to ease a condition, a more attentive technique will be needed.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    This Massage is, as the name suggest, offers deep pressure points onto specific trouble areas. It can be very intense and uncomfortable when pushing on knotted muscles. You may even feel sore after this but once that feeling is gone the relief can be indescribable.


    • Treat stiff and painful spots
    • Relieve shoulder and neck pain

    Trigger Point Massage

    Like the deep tissue massage, this technique focuses on specific areas of the body. Your Massage Therapist will pin point your problem muscles, then applies deep pressure to relax it. With this massage, you will only have the problem areas worked on, rather than a full body experience.


    • Relieves chronic muscle pain
    • Relieves chronic tension

    Overall Health and Rejuvenation

    Thai Massage


    A Thai massage will work your whole body. It is a highly invigorating style of treatment. The therapist will manipulate your body, creating yoga like stretches. Be prepared to become very intimate with you masseuse as they use not only their hands but their feet too.


    • Improves energy
    • Increases flexibility
    • Improves overall health and well-being

    Sports Massage

    Sports Massage isn’t only for professional athletes. It is designed for the very physically active, combining techniques from Swedish, Shiatsu and other styles to concentrate on the main areas affected by your sport or physical exertion. It is a great way to prevent or help repair injuries to your muscles.


    • Increased blood circulation
    • Increased Lymphatic fluids
    • Stretches muscle tissue
    • Breaks down scar tissue
    • Reduce pain
    • Relax muscles

    I hope this has helped you find the best massage for you or given you a push in the right direction. We have some amazing discounted offers that include massages, so you can now have the perfect massage for you. What is your favourite style of massage? Tell us in the comments.

  • I Need Pampering Christmas Gift Guide

    A Christmas Gift Guide is a great tool with Christmas just around the corner it can become a very stressful time, trying to get the perfect gifts for all your friends and family. That is why here at I Need Pampering, we have created a very useful Christmas Gift Guide to help inspire you with ideas for all family and friends.

    For the Friend

    Sometimes friends can be very hard to buy for, do you get them something practical? Silly? Thoughtful? Well why not treat your friend to a Quintessential Beauty Spa Day to help them unwind from the day to day troubles of life. With a gift as thoughtful as this, you are sure to be best friend for the rest of the year.

    For Brothers and Sisters


    If you have brothers and sisters, you can find yourself in a competition for who gets the presents. A great pick for you rambunctious brother would be the Hovercraft Experience; this will leave him giddy with excitement for the day he can fly across any terrain with ease. For your sister why not A Luxury Haircut and Finish to put a smile on her face.

    For Dad


    Dads never usually give you any kind of hint what they would want for a Christmas present, so it can be very daunting finding the right gift. This is the chance to really surprise him this Christmas with a Lamborghini Thrill Ride. This kind of gift will get him racing in a way he never has before. I’m sure the smile on his face will be hard to move all day after receiving this.

    For Mum

    Mums work hard all year round, keeping everyone happy and can always use a break. That is why we think it is a great idea to treat your hard working mother to a Beauty Spa Day, to help her unwind and enjoy some pamper time for herself. It is sure to please her and make her feel appreciated.

    We hope this has helped you with some idea for your gift list. Tell us what you think of our recommendations, and don’t worry if you are looking for something different, check out the rest of the site for more great gifts to be given.

  • Our Best Cities for UK Spa Days

    The Best Cities for UK Spa Days

    A spa break (or even a spa day if time is tight) can be the ideal way to re-set, to unwind, and to re-charge. We can all feel burned out at times, we can all do with a bit of a pamper session and some ‘me time’. A spa break is exactly the right way to soothe both body and mind, so you can get back in the game and start winning at life once more.

    But where to go? There are spa hotels and clubs all over the UK, but there are some towns that really get it right, offering you the perfect combination of luxury and value for money. Here is our list of the top places and UK spa days to visit when you need some time away.


    Our nation’s capital, London, has a plethora of fantastic UK spa days and short break treats available. If you go for the day you can rest assured that you will come away feeling special, relaxed, and very, very happy. If you go for longer in London you can enjoy all of that genuinely lovely feeling as well as have the chance to see some of the most interesting and famous sights in the world. Where else can you combine a spa break with the opportunity to ride in the London Eye, to see the waxworks at Madame Tussauds, to explore the past at the Natural History Museum and the future at the Science Museum? London has it all, and as a place to relax and be pampered it is certainly one of the best.


    Just like in London, Manchester offers a vast array of places to enjoy some precious me time just when you need it. In fact, Manchester and London are mirrors of one another; one in the south of the country, and one in the north. Manchester is full of fascinating things to see and do, as well as lots of fantastic places to eat and drink, to make your break away one to truly remember. When you have been pampered fully at a gorgeous spa hotel, why not visit the Museum of Science and Industry, the National Football Museum, Manchester Cathedral, or go on an open top bus tour of the entire city? Choosing somewhere to eat in Manchester is a tough choice, but some of the most popular restaurants include Manchester House, Hawksmoor, and Tattu.

    The New Forest

    We know the New Forest isn’t a city, but it is stunning, and it is tranquil, and it is one of the most idyllic spots to spend some pampering time when you get the chance.

    The New Forest is in fact a National Park, and as such it is full of amazing wildlife and wonderful scenery, adding even more peace to the already peaceful world of being pampered. A weekend in the New Forest is never wasted, and if you can add a bit of spa time into that as well, it makes it all so much better.


    Down in the south west of the UK spa days lies beautiful Bath, one of the original spa towns. It will come as no surprise, then, that the old traditional die hard here, and if you want to enjoy some pampering on a proper spa day or mini break, there are many places to choose from in Bath itself. As well as the spas and hotels, Bath is famous for its Roman baths, and this is a must-see when you are in the city. There is a museum on the site, and a great restaurant too. The Jane Austen centre is a fascinating tribute to one of Bath’s most famous residents, and nearby is the wonder of the world that is Stonehenge, and Longleat Safari Park is a short drive away.


    York is a fascinating city, full of history and surprises. It’s York’s maze-like quality that makes it different and exciting. The city centre is traffic free which makes life a lot easier as you walk along, but more than that, there are dozens of little passageways that run between shops, pubs, and buildings that are exciting and secretive, giving you the chance to explore your own little world. As for the UK spa days, there are dozens, and each one will be able to offer you something different.

  • Why Give a Pamper Day or Pampering Treat?


    Why You Should Give a Pampering Treat or a Pamper Day

    A Pamper day…there’s nothing quite like it.  Whether it’s a full on pamper day or a handful of bath bombs, the result is the same – whoever receives a pampering treat as a gift will love it. And they’ll feel amazing. But if that isn’t enough of a motive to give someone you love a relaxing day of ‘me time’, we’ve put together some more fantastic reasons why it’s the best idea of all when it comes to gorgeous gifts. Which one is your reason?

    They’ll Love You For It - Pamper Days are never forgotten

    Some gifts are given and forgotten. They’re appreciated at the time, but give it a few days, and the thrill of receiving the present is lost. A pamper day, however, is a different thing altogether. A pamper gift shows that you were really thinking of the person receiving it, and that you understand that they need a bit of time out. They will love you for that.

    Half the fun of gifting is watching the person’s face as they realise what their present is. It’s no fun if they have to put on an act and pretend they love something that in reality they would prefer never to have been given. You won’t have that problem with a pampering treat or a spa day.

    The Ease Of It

    Buying a pamper day is easy. It’s also fun. Look for the one thing that you know your loved one will adore, and buy it for them with the click of a button. Sometimes buying a gift can be time consuming, but there is so much choice when it comes to being able to pamper someone, you really can’t go wrong. Whatever you choose will be perfect.

    And the fact that a pampering treat is such a good gift – one that will always be appreciated – means that you can give it again and again. Every birthday, every Christmas, as a thank you, as a ‘just because’ gift… no matter what the occasion or the reason, a pampering gift will work.


    Buying a pamper day is a great way to allow the recipient to be flexible with their choice of when – and potentially where – to use it. Whether you give a voucher for a treatment or gift items that can be used at home, it is up to the recipient to organise it for themselves. And that means that the options are endless. A pamper gift is flexible in other ways too; you can choose how much you spend so that you are completely comfortable with the gift you are able to give. It’s ideal for everyone.


    Giving the gift of a pampering treat will be unique – there will be no risk of giving the same gift as someone else, because, even if other people do give vouchers or gorgeous ‘use at home’ treats, the recipient can use them as and when they want. They can pick and choose. And that means they are in control, which is a gift in and of itself. If it worries you that your gift will be lost in the plethora of others during a birthday celebration or at Christmas, a pampering gift will guarantee that you don’t need to be concerned. You can buy the perfect gift and give it, knowing that it will be remembered, and enjoyed.


    A pampering voucher can be bought quickly, so even if you might have accidentally forgotten an important occasion (we’ve all done it, don’t worry), you can browse through the web, pick the ideal pampering experience, and download a voucher in moments. Not only will you have a great gift for someone, but you won’t have to admit that you forgot the occasion either!

    So does it sound as though the best gift you can give the important people in your life is a pamper present? Spa treatment, bath goodies, whatever your loved one adores, you can give. Whatever your reason for giving a spa treatment gift to a friend or loved one, the result – a happy, relaxed, properly pampered recipient – will make everyone smile.

  • 5 Beautiful Winter Breaks In The UK

    Winter breaks in the UK are growing increasingly popular, and with so much to do, we can see why! The days may be short and the nights might be cold, but that’s all part of winter’s charm and magic.

    With so many things to do during the winter months, it’s an ideal season to enjoy a well deserved weekend break right here in the UK.  Wrap up warm and take a stroll down a frosty river bank, find sanctuary in a traditional English pub nestled deep in the countryside, or get your skates on for an afternoon on an ice rink.

    Wondering where to go? Here are 5 beautiful destinations for a winter weekend break in the UK:

    The Cotswolds

    If you like the idea of a romantic break in the countryside this winter, it’s worth visiting the Cotswolds. Overflowing with beautiful gardens, unique countryside villages and acres of fields, trees and mountains, it’s perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of noisy city life in favour of a peaceful and picturesque retreat.


    Museums, art galleries, historical landmarks - Manchester has it all. Not only is there plenty to do in the day, the capital of the north also has a lively and unique nightlife with everything from trendy burger restaurants to swanky cocktail bars filled with famous faces.

    Perhaps one of the city’s most popular winter attractions is its Christmas markets. Millions of people flock to the city centre each year to sample a range of street food from around the world and buy quirky Christmas gifts and holiday souvenirs for friends and family.


    Immerse yourself in the beautiful city that is Edinburgh. Christmas market stalls decorated with fairy lights sparkle like diamonds and snow covered mountains become the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening.

    Be sure to visit the city’s stunning ‘Street of Lights’, a breathtaking canopy of Christmas lights that stands 19 metres high and boasts more than 60,000 light.


    Whether you fancy waking up in a secluded hotel hidden in the forest or you’d prefer a seaside view while eating breakfast, Northumberland is an ideal place to spend a wintery weekend.

    Walk along the 84 mile-long Hadrian’s Wall and explore the ancient Roman ruins that rest on one of the country’s most popular world heritage sites.

    To get your heart pumping, enjoy a hike or bike ride through Kielder and Border Forest. Boasting the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and a forest with 150 million trees, this is a breathtaking must-see.


    York really is one of a kind. This marvellous city is drenched in rich history and flaunts countless must-see landmarks. Although the city’s a beautiful gem all year round, it really comes alive in winter. Its charming streets bursting with character and originality glisten with Christmas lights and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see York Minster covered in a blanket of snow.

    Once you’ve decided on your destination, it’s time to find somewhere to stay. Why not tie your weekend break in with a luxury visit to one of the UK’s most popular spas? By treating yourself to a selection of spa treatments and pampering sessions, you’ll be able to enter the New Year feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • 3 Of The Top Haunted Places To Visit In The UK

    Halloween is fast approaching so we've pulled together 3 of the top haunted places to visit in the UK that would be just perfect for a spooky weekend break!

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  • Things To Do In The Cotswolds | Why Visit This Autumn

    With leaves turning beautiful autumnal colours, conkers falling from the trees, and a refreshing yet comfortable chill in the air, things to do in the Cotswolds this autumn are far from lacking!

    In fact, 50 years ago the Cotswolds was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and the area’s come a long way since then.

    So grab your scarf and put on your walking boots, now is the perfect time to head to the glorious countryside for an autumn break. Here are just a few reasons to visit the Cotswolds during the cooler months... Continue reading

  • Spa Break and 4 Fun Ways To Fit Exercise Into A Spa Break

    A Spa Break and general hotel breaks are well known for being relaxing havens of peace and tranquillity. But a spa break can also be a great opportunity to blast away the cobwebs ready for a fresh start and embrace a healthier outlook on life.

    If you fancy using a spa break to kick start a healthy new you why not try any (or all!) of the following tips...

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  • Pamper At Home | Transform Your Home Into A Spa Like Heaven

    A spa break has to be the ultimate stress-busting solution. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or hectic family life is making it difficult for you to get time to yourself, a relaxing trip to a spa ought to help. There’s just one problem - the very parts of day-to-day life you need a break from are often the ones you can’t escape! If the thought of running away for a couple of days to a relaxing retreat seems pretty much impossible at the moment, you may have to get creative, and why not? There are plenty of ways to pamper at home! If you can’t get to the spa, get the spa to come to you! Here’s how.... Continue reading

  • Are Spa Breaks Worth the Money?

    Spa breaks are a treat that most of us have considered at one point or another. But so many of us are yet to experience such luxury! Why is that? Guilt is certainly a factor. Those of us most in need of an escape are the least likely to indulge in one. Shackled by responsibility, we often neglect ‘me time.’ Prioritising others can mean that we never allow ourselves the relaxing experiences we deserve. Largely because we’re concerned about the cost. Continue reading

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