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  • 5 Beautiful Winter Breaks In The UK

    Winter breaks in the UK are growing increasingly popular, and with so much to do, we can see why! The days may be short and the nights might be cold, but that’s all part of winter’s charm and magic.

    With so many things to do during the winter months, it’s an ideal season to enjoy a well deserved weekend break right here in the UK.  Wrap up warm and take a stroll down a frosty river bank, find sanctuary in a traditional English pub nestled deep in the countryside, or get your skates on for an afternoon on an ice rink.

    Wondering where to go? Here are 5 beautiful destinations for a winter weekend break in the UK:

    The Cotswolds

    If you like the idea of a romantic break in the countryside this winter, it’s worth visiting the Cotswolds. Overflowing with beautiful gardens, unique countryside villages and acres of fields, trees and mountains, it’s perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of noisy city life in favour of a peaceful and picturesque retreat.


    Museums, art galleries, historical landmarks - Manchester has it all. Not only is there plenty to do in the day, the capital of the north also has a lively and unique nightlife with everything from trendy burger restaurants to swanky cocktail bars filled with famous faces.

    Perhaps one of the city’s most popular winter attractions is its Christmas markets. Millions of people flock to the city centre each year to sample a range of street food from around the world and buy quirky Christmas gifts and holiday souvenirs for friends and family.


    Immerse yourself in the beautiful city that is Edinburgh. Christmas market stalls decorated with fairy lights sparkle like diamonds and snow covered mountains become the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening.

    Be sure to visit the city’s stunning ‘Street of Lights’, a breathtaking canopy of Christmas lights that stands 19 metres high and boasts more than 60,000 light.


    Whether you fancy waking up in a secluded hotel hidden in the forest or you’d prefer a seaside view while eating breakfast, Northumberland is an ideal place to spend a wintery weekend.

    Walk along the 84 mile-long Hadrian’s Wall and explore the ancient Roman ruins that rest on one of the country’s most popular world heritage sites.

    To get your heart pumping, enjoy a hike or bike ride through Kielder and Border Forest. Boasting the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and a forest with 150 million trees, this is a breathtaking must-see.


    York really is one of a kind. This marvellous city is drenched in rich history and flaunts countless must-see landmarks. Although the city’s a beautiful gem all year round, it really comes alive in winter. Its charming streets bursting with character and originality glisten with Christmas lights and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see York Minster covered in a blanket of snow.

    Once you’ve decided on your destination, it’s time to find somewhere to stay. Why not tie your weekend break in with a luxury visit to one of the UK’s most popular spas? By treating yourself to a selection of spa treatments and pampering sessions, you’ll be able to enter the New Year feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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