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5 Apps For Relaxation

From home pamper sessions to luxury spa breaks, there are so many ways to de-stress and relax. A massage, facial or pedicure could be just the thing you need to clear your mind and kick-start a voyage of mindfulness.

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Diets Don’t Work: Here Are 8 Enjoyable Alternatives To Lose Weight Healthily

As anyone who has ever been on a diet will point out, trying to lose weight by eating less is no fun whatsoever. Dieting is hard work, soul destroying, and counterproductive. After all, the more we deprive ourselves of our favourite foods, the more likely we are to crave them and overindulge on naughty snacks the moment we get chance. If weight loss statistics are to be believed, chances are you’ll put the weight you lose right back on within weeks or months of finishing your diet.

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8 Things to Do This Summer Without Going On Holiday

You don’t have to travel abroad to have a good time during the summer. From BBQs and long walks in the countryside to music festivals and sunset safaris at London Zoo, there are so many things to do right here in the UK.

If you’re in need of some ideas, here are 8 things to do this summer without venturing too far from home:
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7 Reasons to Holiday In the UK This Summer

Virtually everyone loves holidaying abroad. You get to explore a new environment, experience a different culture and visit world famous landmarks. However, whether you’re on a tight budget or you can’t get enough time off work, sometimes you may decide to have a ‘staycation’ and enjoy the British countryside or a nearby city you’ve never been to before. Thankfully, a holiday in the UK can be just as fun and rewarding as a trip abroad.

Unconvinced of the benefits? Here are just a few reasons to holiday in the UK this summer:

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Prenatal Massage Benefits: How A Visit To The Spa Can Help You And Your Baby

Being pregnant is supposed to be a joyful experience filled with excitement, anticipation and little kicks from your unborn baby. However, although you may suddenly be blessed with glowing skin and luscious locks, nausea, fatigue and swelling are unfortunately also common pregnancy symptoms.

Whether you’re in the very first trimester or you just have a few weeks left until the birth of your child it’s important to take care of yourself. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and treating yourself to those little luxuries you deserve. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, soreness or insomnia, it could be worth treating yourself to a trip to a spa for a professional prenatal massage. From promoting quality sleep to easing muscular discomfort, prenatal massages can have numerous benefits during your pregnancy:

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