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Fantastic Spa Breaks

The likelihood is you’ve heard your friends talking about spa days, or weekend breaks for their birthday or anniversary and whilst you’re there nodding and smiling you’re actually thinking “and how much has this cost!?” Then comes some reassurance, as they tell you they managed to get one of these deals, but we all know what you’re thinking: hidden costs, poorer quality, bad dates available? I’m here to get you to erase those thoughts and trust them. You can actually get a lot for a little.

So what do these deals include, well depending how long you go for they include all number of things:

  • Full use of the spa’s facilities
  • Numerous spa treatments lasting between 30-60 minutes
  • Luxury accommodation (overnight stays)
  • Breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner in the restaurant

fantastic facilities

The treatments available aren’t limited due to the package, you can choose from whatever the spa has to offer. The meals differ depending on the spa and how long you are staying there for, but of course you can still go to the restaurant and bar at any point during the day (they aren’t overly priced, much to your surprise).

Full use of the spa’s facilities really does mean full use, so you can enjoy everything including: pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, relaxation rooms and even the golf course (if the spa has one). These deals that are on offer aren’t there to con you; they are there for both yours and the spa’s benefit. Now I know that might sound odd, but to them you are new customers, you are able to tell other people about them and the fact you have a set package makes it easier for them to arrange staff.

They scratch your back, you scratch there’s. It’s win win for all involved, you get an amazing spa break deal, whilst they manage to prevent those quiet days due to the fact purchasing everything separately all adds up.

Think about it, you can have a one night spa break for two from as little as £140, now think about what you are getting for that: luxury accommodation for the night (which at some places could easily be £100), all meals included £50, a choice of treatments each usually £30 per treatment (£60), and full use of the spa’s facilities (can easily be £40+ each), so for £140 you are getting near enough £300 worth of experience.


relaxing treatments

When you look at it this way, is there really any reason not to jump in both feet first. There’s nothing to lose, they’re great last minute purchases to arrange for birthdays, anniversaries and shared gifts. One of the best aspects of these is that at I Need Pampering the expiration date on them ranges from 6-12 months, whereas often they are limited use within a maximum of 3 months, if you’re lucky. 

Yes it might be a last minute purchase, but that doesn’t mean that you have to rush to use it, arrange it for a weekend, or book holiday time in advance. They are so easy to use and have a massive range of locations available,  so it’s unlikely you will actually have to go far in order to get to your nearest spa. So tell me again why you were so hesitant about purchasing a spa deal before…

All worries cleared up?

Good now go and start looking, there are so many out there, and they make for a great get away and leave you feeling beyond pampered without breaking the balance; it’s smiles all round!

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