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Spring Hotel and Spa Breaks

Weekend Breaks and Trips Away

Sometimes we all just need a bit of a break. Work, family life, general stress and life on the whole can just be too much to try and deal with sometimes, so taking a weekend break with someone special can be just the thing you need. Whether it be a city break to enjoy a little adventure somewhere new, or a country retreat to clear your head, it can be just what you need to take a break.

City Breaks

Perfect for those who crave adventure or just those who want to explore new territory, a city break can be great escapism. If you’re looking for a city break, decide what you’d like to get done before you get there. The idea of turning up to a new city with nothing but a good sense of direction is appealing, but you’ll get so much more out of your break if you plan ahead and invest in a guidebook or do some Googling before you set off.


A city break is a great way to experience somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but not have to commit to spending more than a couple of days there. Realise why you want to visit that place, and research the things you’d like to do the most, and make a list; then you’re likely to get the most out of your trip and have the best time.


Country Retreats

A country retreat is the best thing for those needing more of a relaxing break, or for those wanting a romantic trip. Taking the time to get away to an idyllic hotel in the countryside or a small town could be the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle. Driving to somewhere in the unknown countryside and feeling secluded can help with stress, worry and you’ll return feeling completely refreshed.

Combining a spa break with a country retreat is another way to really get away from things. Relaxing by a pool or treating yourself to a full-body massage can make the difference between a nice break away and a truly refreshing, recharging trip.  Post-Christmas blues are still lingering, so why not leave your troubles at home and escape somewhere you can clear your head and properly get pampered?

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