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A full list of UK Location for a variety of Makeover Days and Photo Shoots across the UK.


There are more and more studios being added every day so there will be a studio near you...


Makeover and Photo Shoot Family Photo Shoot Pet and Family Photo Shoot Boudoir

Belfast Belfast Accrington Barnsley
Peterborough Chichester Ballinful Bath
Littleborough Peterborough Barnsley Bedford
Clitheroe Littleborough Belfast Belfast
Milton Keynes Coventry Blackpool Braintree
Burwell Clitheroe Bolton Brighton
Ryde (Isle of Wight) Milton Keynes Bothwell Bristol
Felixstowe Burwell Bournemouth Caerphilly
Paisley Ryde Braintree Caterham
Chester Felixstowe Brighton Chislehurst
Bristol Paisley Burwell Chorlton
Southampton Eye Caerphilly Colwyn Bay
Preston Waverton Carlise Coventry
London Clifton Cheltenham Darlington
Hailsham Southampton Chichester Derby
Sunderland St. Neots Chislehurst Dorchester
Lincoln Preston Clifton Dundee
Shifnal Herne Hill  Clitheroe East Grinstead
Caerphilly Hailsham Co Carlow Edniburgh
Hull Sunderland Colwyn Bay Ely
Ely Lincoln Darlington Exeter
Colwyn Bay Shifnal Derby Farndon
Derby Caerphilly Dorchester Felixstowe
Paignton Hull Dundee Folkestone
York Shifnal East Grinstead Fraserburgh
Dundee Belfast Edinburgh Harlow
Watford Skerries Exeter Havant
Rotherham London Eye Herne Bay
Wirral Wolverhampton Farndon Herne Hill
Leamington Spa Colwyn Bay Felixstowe Hinckley
Maidenhead Derby Finchley Hornchurch
Hook Paignton Flitwick Horsforth, Leeds
Lichfield York Folkestone Hull
Maidstone Dundee Hailsham Hyde
Scarborough Watford Harlow Ilford
Chester Rotherham Herne Bay Keswick
Hornchurch Wigan Herne Hill Kidderminster
Stirling Wirral Hinckley Lichfield
Horsforth, Leeds Leamington Spa Hook Lincoln
Redbridge Finchley Hope Valley Maidenhead
London Stockport Hornchurch Marlborough
Caterham Hope Valley Horsforth, Leeds Norwich
Warrington Maidenhead Hyde Nottingham
Edinburgh Hook Ilford Paignton
East Grinstead Rathgar Keswick Paisley
Marlborough Lichfield Kidderminster Preston
Norwich Maidstone Leamington Spa Ryde
Fraserburgh Scarborough Lichfield Shifnal
Nottingham Swindon Lincoln Southampton
Stoke on Trent Farndon Littleborough Stoke on Trent
Hyde Hornchurch London Stratford-upon-Avon
Swansea Woking Maidstone Sunderland
Westcliff - On - Sea  Stirling Mansfield Tamworth
Hinckley Horsforth, Leeds Marlborough Wadebridge
Brighton Ripley Morecambe Watford
Darlington Redbridge Norwich Waverton
Havant London Nottingham Witney
Tamworth Caterham - on - the - hill Paignton Woking
Harlow Wadebridge Plymouth York
Kidderminster Warrington Radlett
Witney Plymouth Rathgar
Dorchester Morecambe Richmond
Troon Bedford Ripley
Keswick Edinburgh Royston
Bath Winchmore Hill Ryde
Chobham (Nr Woking) East Grinstead Scarborough
Blackpool Marlborough Shifnal
Stratford - upon - Avon Norwich Skerries
Herne Bay Fraserburgh South Woodford
Richmond Nottingham Southampton
Chislehurst Stoke on Trent St. Neots
Mansfield Hyde Stamford
Braintree Swansea Statford - upon - Avon

Westcliff-on-Sea Stirling

Folkestone Stockport

Bournemouth Stoke on Trent

Hinckley Swindon

Brighton Tamworth

Darlington Taunton

Tamworth Troon

Harlow Twerton

Kidderminster Warrington

Witney Waverton

Exeter Westcliff-on-Sea

Dorchester Winchmore Hill

Troon Wirral

Keswick Witney

Twerton Woking

Barnsley Wolverhampton

Flitwick York

Woking York


Statford - upon - Avon

Herne Bay


Sligo Town