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  • Luxury Spa Treatments To Help You Look Amazing On Your Winter Wedding Day

    Are you lucky enough to have a winter wedding coming up at the end of the year? We think it's important that you treat yourself before the big day, so you can feel your feel best. Here are our top 3 packages we think will suit brides the best! Continue reading

  • Our pamper package of the month for November that you'll love

    Fancy a getaway before all your time is spent visiting family at Christmas? Why not set aside some time for a romantic trip for you and your partner this November? Continue reading

  • Feeling Under The Weather? These Different Treatments Can Help You Feel Better

    Now that we're approaching Christmas, the weather has started to cool down. Many of us will have experienced a sniffle or two, enough to make sure want to wrap up warm away from the cold. If it's been taking more of a toll on your body and you're feeling under the weather, there are some spa treatments that can help pick you back up again.

    You might not think a spa treatment is an answer however, it can be a small step towards easing your symptoms. Opening sinuses and soothing muscles can aid a good, comfortable sleep enough for you to start feeling better soon. Continue reading

  • Breathtaking Manchester Hotels That Will Make You Want To Stay Forever

    Manchester is a city quickly becoming more and more popular as the years go on and we can understand why. Rich in culture and with plenty to do, this city will accommodate many peoples' tastes when they come to stay. Continue reading

  • Delightful Hotels That Will Make You Feel Cosy This Autumn

    Fancy an Autumn getaway? Continuing reading and find out which hotels we think are the best! Continue reading

  • 3 Aromatherapy Oils Used In Massages And How They Help

    Aromatherapy oils are often used during a massage to bring different qualities to the treatment. Each oil can help with very different problems which is why you should discover which one is the best for you before you visit. Discover our 3 aromatherapy picks and what is so amazing about them.

    Continue reading
  • The Best Spa Scents for Autumn

    Are you ready for Autumn? Here are some spa scents that are an absolute must have! Continue reading

  • Your Ultimate Pregnancy Spa Guide

    All expectant mums deserve a spot of pampering from time to time. This is why we’ve put together this guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that crop up around the spa and pregnancy.

    Indulge in some of the most luxurious pamper packages with the peace of mind that you and your baby are in the safest of hands. Continue reading

  • Top Tips for the Perfect Afternoon Tea

    “Hello there, old bean! By Jove it’s good to see you! We’re about to indulge in a little afternoon tea, would you care to join us? Be a good sport and pull up a chair, we’re about to put on a jolly good show!”

    Continue reading
  • Benefits Of A Hot Stone Massage

    Ever wondered what a hot stone massage is all about? If you have yet to experience one it may all seem a bit strange to you; placing anything hot directly on your skin just sounds dangerous, right? Wrong! Hot stone massages remain a popular element to many spa breaks up and down the country and they actually come with many health benefits.

    So before you rest your tired muscles on a warm massage table and experience a hot stone massage for the first time, read on to see what they are all about and what to expect. Continue reading

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