After a long week, a stressful day at work and a bite of that chocolate (that you just couldn’t quite resist) it’s difficult to sit down and not feel a bit deflated. But hey! That’s okay and let’s be honest, it happens to the best of us.


Now, imagine unwinding in a gorgeous spa. Surrounded by tiny candles, their incandescent little flames dancing around the rich bubbles of that sinfully comfortable bath you’re in. It’s a different story isn’t it?

Unfortunately, sometimes you just can’t make time for a long spa weekend. So instead, we’ve put together a few top secret (but simple) tips to relax in your home.

You’re probably thinking…Candles? Really? How’s that top secret? The magic of candles doesn’t stem from your simple vanilla scented candle or tea light. No. The magic (and secret) to creating an aura of relaxation is the layout of your candles. It’s true.

Having candles in front of, and surrounding your peripheral vision, is proven to induce a deep fold of relaxation. All you need to do is gently follow the flickering lights, let your eyes slowly sink and your arms fall naturally by your side and you’re under. So the next time you’re struggling to unwind. Simply dim the lights and surround your eye line with lightly lit candles.


Forget brands, It’s what’s inside the oils that counts. It’s something not a lot of proud pamper-ers know about. Every bath oil is different and most aren’t created equally, not for your skin anyway. For that deep spa-like feeling, you need to know you’ll be looking your best afterwards too (not just while you’re pampering yourself). In a spa, great bath oils are always perfectly tailored for your skin, so make sure you do the same at home. Here are a few oils to look out for:

Sweet Almond Oil – For dry skin, helps balance moisture loss and absorption

Apricot Kernel Oil – A great Almond Oil alternative for anyone with nut allergies

Jojoba Oil – For all skin types, awesome for balancing oil production

Grapeseed Oil – Contains linoleic acid, an essential moisturiser for tired skin

Olive Oil – Not just for salads! This oil goes great with your skin, too!


Can you really unwind without a bottle of wine? Turns out there’s a little bit of secret science behind why wine helps us unwind. Don’t worry, turns out whether it’s red, white or rose, it doesn’t’ really matter. So just pick a favorite. The science here is a little bit clever. Since we’re all used to curling up with a glass of wine, having a drink with the girls or even just seeing other people do the same, wine (and sometimes alcohol) is imprinted in our minds as a great way to relax.

Is it just wine that’s like this? Of course not! It could be anything. Whether it’s wine, chocolate or your gorgeous kitty cat, when you really need to relax, make sure you’ve got that special something nearby.

Sometimes, the best secrets are hidden in the most obvious places, so give those 3 simple ideas a go and never look back. They’ll make a big difference to when you’re feeling that bit deflated. It also makes looking forward to those weekends (or long evenings), that much better.