Pregnancy is tiring - from backaches and morning sickness to swollen ankles and food aversions, there’s not much that is glamorous or relaxing about this time in a woman’s life. Which is why it’s ironic that many consider spas to be off-limits during this period. Whilst it’s true that there are certain spa treatments that should be avoided, there are still plenty of ways to pamper yourself, to soothe both your body and soul at this special time.

What treatments can you have?

Treatments like pedicures are perfect for when you might not have time to indulge in a full spa day. Being pregnant is tough on the feet, and what better way to take some time out than by having them massaged and painted. If you're concerned about using varnish while pregnant, many manicurists now offer organic polish, or you can choose to have your nails buffed and filed. Pair a pedi with afternoon tea and you have yourself the ideal way to end a busy day.

If you have a little longer to spend at the spa, why not try an antenatal massage? They have been designed with pregnant women in mind and are made to target any areas that may be niggling your body. Neck, shoulder and back aches are common during pregnancy, and a massage will focus on these spots, ensuring that you leave the spa feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Facials are another way to indulge, and as many women find ‘pregnancy glow’ can be a bit of a myth, they are also great for clearing out pores and leave you with healthy, fresh skin. While you’re there, many spas will allow visitors to have full use of facilities, so you can follow this with a soothing few hours by the pool.

What treatments should you avoid?

In terms of don’ts for a spa day while pregnant, experts recommend steering clear of steam rooms, saunas or jacuzzis due to the risk of overheating. Instead, stick to the pool or luxury body treatments. Some spas may also place restrictions on pregnant women attending depending on how far along they are - so make sure to check in advance.

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