Now that we're approaching Christmas, the weather has started to cool down. Many of us will have experienced a sniffle or two, enough to make sure want to wrap up warm away from the cold. If it's been taking more of a toll on your body and you're feeling under the weather, there are some spa treatments that can help pick you back up again.

You might not think a spa treatment is an answer however, it can be a small step towards easing your symptoms. Opening sinuses and soothing muscles can aid a good, comfortable sleep enough for you to start feeling better soon.


Just make sure you are well enough to visit a spa first. Consult your doctor and ask if your illness could be passed on to other visitors before you consider booking a treatment.

1. Sauna or Steam Room session.

Saunas and steam rooms can help you sweat out toxins in your skin and the heat can open up your sinuses to unblock noses. Most saunas will mix essential oils such as Pine and Eucalyptus in the water especially used for the hot coals so that people relaxing can feel it's health benefits.

2. Deep tissue massage.

You'll know very well that colds can stop you from getting any amount of sleep. This can result in us feeling lethargic and awful for days. Muscles can start to ache meaning it will prevent us from getting comfortable in any sitting or sleeping position. A deep tissue massage can help unknot and soothe muscles. Massages can also help to decrease stress which could help you drift off to sleep.

3. Hydrotherapy.

Water is commonly used for therapy because it can relax the body and help take away any pain. When you are unwell, you can experience an increase in muscle tension which can be sore and difficult to deal with. Hydrotherapy pools are an excellent way to reduce pain and soothe the body while you're trying to get rid of a cold.

4. Reflexology

Reflexology is an interesting type of massage because it's using your hands, feet, neck or legs to pinpoint problematic areas. Massaging specific areas of the foot can act as a gateway to the aches and pains on your body. You will be asked to give medical history so the spa therapist can tailor make your treatment suit your needs.

5. A manicure, pedicure or facial.

Believe it or not but when you're not feeling great, it can affect your mental wellbeing. Feeling rubbish can prolong your sickness. A great step to take is to make yourself look AND feel better. A simple treat could transform the way you feel and even encourage you to break out of your house for some fresh air.

If you fancy a spa day that can help you get back on your feet, have a look at our brilliant current offers that could work an absolute treat.