Thanks to soaring temperatures and long walks in the sunshine, the summer can take its toll on our feet. Frustratingly, this is also the time of the year where we’re most likely to show our feet off. Thankfully, by ensuring your beauty regime includes regular foot pampering sessions, you can prevent everything from dry skin to unsightly blisters. Keen to wear beautiful sandals, flip flops or open toed heels? Here are a few ways to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy all summer.

Go barefoot

Whether you’re in bed, wandering around the house, or sat in your garden, go barefoot as often as possible. By letting your feet breathe, you can prevent them getting sweaty and minimise the likelihood of infections such as athlete’s foot.


Try to moisturise your feet daily. If your feet are particularly dry, cracked or damaged, aim for twice a day. Rub the moisturiser in well and avoid putting socks on until your feet are completely dry.

Remove hard skin

Although flip flops and sandals allow your feet to breathe, they may rub against the heel of the foot and cause cracked skin. Foot files, emery boards and foot scrubs can all help to remove hard skin.

Banish blisters

Blisters are really common in hot weather, particularly when wearing flip flops or new or ill fitting shoes. The warm weather can cause your feet to sweat and rub against the shoe, causing blisters. When wearing flip flops, apply a foot rub to the space in between your toes to prevent blisters forming. When wearing new shoes, wear socks or ‘break them in’ by wearing them around the house before going outside.

Don’t forget your toenails

Although nail polish can provide the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, wearing it too often can damage your nails and cause discolouration. Give your nails a break every few weeks by going au naturel for a few days.

Pamper your feet

If your feet have seen better days, a professional beauty therapist could help improve their condition. From removing hard skin to giving you a French pedicure, they’ll pamper your feet and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the summer ahead. To make sure the results last, be sure to moisturise regularly and follow the tips above for beautiful feet from heel to toe.