When was the last time you treated your friend simply to show your appreciation? National Best Friends Day is coming up and it's the perfect time to show your bestie just how grateful you are to have them in your life. You could shower them with presents, but experience days are so much more meaningful and are the perfect time for you both to relax and have a much-needed catch-up.

Spend some quality time together at a makeover experience

You used to spend every spare moment together but now life gets in the way and you don't get to see your best friend as much as you would like to; it happens to all of us, but a makeover day can reunite you and your bestie. Rekindle over your love of makeup at a makeover day and use the experience as a chance to talk, get deep, and reminisce over past memories; after the amazing day, you'll feel closer than ever.

Allow yourself to fully relax at the spa

When was the last time you and your best friend really allowed yourself to unwind? If you've noticed your bestie complaining about work more often, then a spa break for two could really do them some good. Give into the masseuse and let them skilfully work the knots and tension out of your body. If anything, use the spa break as a chance to catch up on some sleep and indulge in your favourite foods.

A unique day out

Long weekends of clubbing, dancing and drinking can be great fun; when better to have a night out than after you've just had your makeup professionally done? However, if you and your friend prefer a more subdued time together, then a spa break is a more relaxing experience that is also a treat for the body.