The Best Cities for UK Spa Days

A spa break (or even a spa day if time is tight) can be the ideal way to re-set, to unwind, and to re-charge. We can all feel burned out at times, we can all do with a bit of a pamper session and some ‘me time’. A spa break is exactly the right way to soothe both body and mind, so you can get back in the game and start winning at life once more.

But where to go? There are spa hotels and clubs all over the UK, but there are some towns that really get it right, offering you the perfect combination of luxury and value for money. Here is our list of the top places and UK spa days to visit when you need some time away.


Our nation’s capital, London, has a plethora of fantastic UK spa days and short break treats available. If you go for the day you can rest assured that you will come away feeling special, relaxed, and very, very happy. If you go for longer in London you can enjoy all of that genuinely lovely feeling as well as have the chance to see some of the most interesting and famous sights in the world. Where else can you combine a spa break with the opportunity to ride in the London Eye, to see the waxworks at Madame Tussauds, to explore the past at the Natural History Museum and the future at the Science Museum? London has it all, and as a place to relax and be pampered it is certainly one of the best.


Just like in London, Manchester offers a vast array of places to enjoy some precious me time just when you need it. In fact, Manchester and London are mirrors of one another; one in the south of the country, and one in the north. Manchester is full of fascinating things to see and do, as well as lots of fantastic places to eat and drink, to make your break away one to truly remember. When you have been pampered fully at a gorgeous spa hotel, why not visit the Museum of Science and Industry, the National Football Museum, Manchester Cathedral, or go on an open top bus tour of the entire city? Choosing somewhere to eat in Manchester is a tough choice, but some of the most popular restaurants include Manchester House, Hawksmoor, and Tattu.

The New Forest

We know the New Forest isn’t a city, but it is stunning, and it is tranquil, and it is one of the most idyllic spots to spend some pampering time when you get the chance.

The New Forest is in fact a National Park, and as such it is full of amazing wildlife and wonderful scenery, adding even more peace to the already peaceful world of being pampered. A weekend in the New Forest is never wasted, and if you can add a bit of spa time into that as well, it makes it all so much better.


Down in the south west of the UK spa days lies beautiful Bath, one of the original spa towns. It will come as no surprise, then, that the old traditional die hard here, and if you want to enjoy some pampering on a proper spa day or mini break, there are many places to choose from in Bath itself. As well as the spas and hotels, Bath is famous for its Roman baths, and this is a must-see when you are in the city. There is a museum on the site, and a great restaurant too. The Jane Austen centre is a fascinating tribute to one of Bath’s most famous residents, and nearby is the wonder of the world that is Stonehenge, and Longleat Safari Park is a short drive away.


York is a fascinating city, full of history and surprises. It’s York’s maze-like quality that makes it different and exciting. The city centre is traffic free which makes life a lot easier as you walk along, but more than that, there are dozens of little passageways that run between shops, pubs, and buildings that are exciting and secretive, giving you the chance to explore your own little world. As for the UK spa days, there are dozens, and each one will be able to offer you something different.