In this day and age, the expectations placed upon us are great: earn top results and high achievements in school, volunteer in the community, be socially desirable in real life and on social media, be the top dog at work. And these expectations run three-fold when living in a big, international city like London. Being the "it" person who lives a busy, urban lifestyle can become a bit daunting.

Why is a spa break the ideal solution?

Spa breaks in London are the perfect example of a positive mental health day. Pampering yourself for a few hours with beauty treatments and afternoon tea is an excellent way to cut through the tension and beat the stress of daily life. London spa breaks provide spa packages to suit everyone's needs: male or female, athletic or relaxation, young or... not so young.

What can you expect from a spa day?

With various types of body treatments (massages, body wraps, exfoliation and polish), hand and foot treatments (manicures, pedicures and reflexology), facials, and beauty treatments (hair, waxing, makeup application, etc), you can craft spa days that completely work for you. With a London location, spas are able to provide specialised treatments and world-class packages more rural settings are not able to. Constantly pampering those with urban luxury expectations, spa breaks in the city of London are unique and elegant

Why should you treat yourself to a spa day?

We gift others all the time; taking a look at your diary for the month confirms this. How much per year do you spend on others? With the current trend of treating one's self and being in touch with yourself mentally and emotionally, it should not be strange to gift yourself some experience days at a London spa. Putting aside the mobile phone for a few hours, wrapping up in a fluffy robe and relaxing our minds with the aid of soothing spa music is the key to unlocking this mental health resurgence.

Take a look online to shop around for a London spa package that suits your needs to be able to gift yourself the day that you deserve. With summer ending and autumn coming soon, packages and offers from spas will be updating and changing, so stay on the lookout for something that relates to what you need.