Spring is here, and the new season brings with it a host of new skincare solutions. Whether you are planning a short break or a spa day, there are plenty of ways to spring clean your skin…

Scrub away the winter

Exfoliation removes the older skin cells that make up the top layer of your skin, leaving you with a fresh and youthful glow. It is particularly crucial to exfoliate at the end of winter and beginning of spring, as you have spent months covering up your body and face to protect it from the elements. Now that the weather is brighter, it’s time to catch up with your beauty treatments and prepare your skin for a new season.

Change your moisturiser

Your skincare needs vary from season to season. Many people find that their skin needs more protection and moisturising in the winter, to counteract the effects of cold weather and central heating. But in the spring, you may find that these moisturisers are too heavy and clog your pores.

The next time you’re at a spa, ask your therapist to recommend some season-appropriate moisturisers and try out a few samples until you find the one that’s right for you.

Up your SPF

It goes without saying that we should all be wearing some level of sun protection on a daily basis – even in the winter. But as the weather heats up, it becomes even more important to stick with a daily SPF routine. If you have sensitive skin, consider using SPF30 along with your daily moisturiser.

Book a vitamin C facial

Vitamin C has been proven to boost collagen production and improve your skin’s hydration. While vitamin C serums and oils are useful, they are no comparison for a vitamin C facial.

There are vitamin facials for each skin type, and they are the perfect focal point of an experience day or a spa break, where you can bookend your treatment with a relaxing massage or a bespoke cocktail.