Many people go and get a massage to simply relax from a stressful week and it’s seen as a lovely treat. However, massages need to be seen as a regular necessity because they do have many health benefits that you may not be aware of. Discover today how it can make you feel a whole lot better all round.


Have a think about your career. This is something you get up every morning for and that work can cause strain on your whole body, not to mention your back. Even if you have an office job, you will be sitting down for over seven hours and your posture could be badly affected by this. What if you have a job that requires you to move on your feet all day, whether that’s looking after children or completing manual labour jobs, this will have an impact on your muscles.

That type of stress is more based on the position your body is in for five days a week, which is a huge amount of time if you’re not sitting or operating your body in the right way, you should try to prevent knots and pain. Another problem is emotional stress that many of us experience in our careers. This can happen in any career, no matter how much you work a week. Do you have a lot of responsibility in your job or are you stressed due to unhappiness? These can make you feel like you have a tonne of weight on your shoulder. This is a popular phrase for stress because that’s exactly what it feels like. You feel tired, sore and like you can’t cope with what you have to deal with.

Massages will help with this everyday strain because it will improve circulation which can help relieve the pain as well as soothing depression and anxiety which will then help you feel more able to tackle current problems in your life.


Another brilliant way massages can help is that they actually improve your sleeping patterns. If you’re stressed, chances are you are finding it difficult to sleep for your required hours per night, making you feel lethargic when you wake up in the morning that can drag out for the whole day. If you are massaged with aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, this can help relax you even more, helping you drift off with a little more ease. If you’re kept awake due to illness, such as a cough or cold, a massage with eucalyptus will help you breath better.

Massages, such as Indian Head massages are also excellent for those who have a cold however; they are most effective for individuals who suffer from migraines. If you are someone who has these often, we sympathise because they can feel extremely painful, giving you blinding pain that can throw your whole day off. With this massage technique, it can help boost clarity and concentration if you’ve been experiencing pain frequently and it will relieve built up tension your body has held on to.

There are so many different types of massage that are ideal for stress however, our recommendation is either a back and neck massage or an Indian Head massage to give you peace of mind and a relaxing spa visit. After this, you can start the beginning or the rest of your week with an improved mood and well-being.


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