Life in the fast lane

As Christmas Day accelerates ever closer, are you struggling to get the ultimate, jaw dropping Christmas Gift for your kids? You have read their Christmas list endlessly, but you still want something really different. A memory maker. A treat that goes way beyond their computer and into a real life experience.

The ultimate luxury gift

Why not consider putting them behind the wheel of the ultimate luxury car: a Ferrari? Just imagine your child’s face when they realise they’ll be driving the coolest car, just like Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber or Flo Rida. As they take to the helm, supervised, of course, they’ll feel like a real winner. They’ll be in control with their hands-on driving experience, learning real life skills as well as the thrills of driving this prestigious car. It is an experience day that will last far longer than the last bit of Christmas turkey.

Safe and thrilling!

The Ferrari can certainly move. Speed seekers will not be disappointed as they step on the gas and feel the adrenaline rush. However, parents, don’t panic! The whole experience begins with meeting an ARDS registered Instructor who will complete a safety briefing. Next, they’ll learn some basic driving skills before their Ferrari thrill ride begins. The whole event will last about two hours but the memories will last a lifetime.

The perfect children’s treat

Forget socks or gadgets that remain in their box. Forget virtual reality and give your child actual reality! I Need Pampering provides an unrivalled Ferrari driving experience at Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire for children from 12 to 16 years old. Taking place only during school holidays, your child will be the envy of the classroom when term restarts. An Individual Driving Certificate is the perfect memento to complete this unique and special gift.


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