Father’s Day is fast approaching! Due to this, it’s time that you started giving some serious thought to what you’re going to give to your dad on June 16th. Your old man deserves a real treat this year – and luckily for you, there are plenty of presents that will make him feel very special. Let’s look at three Father’s Day gifts ideas that your dad will just love.

Driving days

Your dad will have the chance of a lifetime to get behind the wheel of a luxury car if you treat him to a driving day. Depending on his what he prefers, your old man could end up in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini or many more. Just imagine how exhilarating he’ll find it!

Flying Experiences

Father’s Day is the time to put your dad on a pedestal – and there’s no better way to show him that you think he’s head and shoulders above others than by arranging for a flying experience. It’s his chance to fly a plane for an entire hour, in what promises to be an unforgettable 60 minutes in the sky.


There’s no better time for your dad to put his feet up and relax than on Father’s Day. Therefore, how about giving him a helping hand by arranging for him to enjoy a male grooming experience? He’ll feel – and look – like a new man after having a cut-throat shave, a facial and a full body massage.

Don’t wait!

Father’s Day won’t be able to come soon enough for you once you’ve got one of these amazing gifts sorted. You’ll surely look forward to seeing your dad’s face as he discovers what you’ve got him – just as much as he’ll be excited to use it. To choose one of these incredible experiences, check out I Need Pampering.