It’s known across the globe that the British are partial to a spot of afternoon tea. From jam-filled scones to cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, all served with rejuvenating tea in dainty china, there is nothing as quintessentially British.

However, when taking a day out to indulge in this tradition, it is important to match your attire to the occasion. Choosing what to wear can be tricky. As such, the experts at I Need Pampering have created a short guide on what to wear, to ensure your outfit is as sweet as the accompanying sugar cubes.

1. Men should opt for smart attire, but a tie often isn’t necessary

Most venues that offer a traditional afternoon tea have a relaxed dress code, often quoting ‘smart-casual’. This means at the very least you should be considering a collared shirt and smart jeans, although you may feel more comfortable in smart trousers. You should also consider your shoes – trainers are a big no, and make sure that the smart shoes or boots you do choose are not scuffed.

2. Ladies have the perfect excuse to get dressed up

Ladies have a far greater range of options than men. Anything smart, dressy or elegant will work fantastically at afternoon tea. However, ensure that what you wear is modest, and don’t leave too much skin showing. Also, try and match your jewellery to your outfit. Sleek and subtle works better than flashy for afternoon tea, and modesty is the word of the day.

3. Always check with the venue in advance

Certain venues will have stricter rules than others about the dress code for afternoon tea. Some restaurants will make it a requirement for men to wear a tie, or women to cover their shoulders, so it’s well worth checking in advance. If in doubt, go for the more formal look. Afternoon tea is an old tradition often associated with nobility, so dressing appropriately will make the experience all the more memorable!

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