Whether you think jam goes first or clotted cream, everyone knows scones always taste best with afternoon tea. So, have you ever considered treating your loved ones with a little luxury and an abundance of tasty treats? The ultimate chance to treat someone and make them feel special, give them the gift of an afternoon spent eating delicacies and drinking the best bubbly. It’s a fantastic way to mark a special occasion, so it is good news that the UK has a huge range of luxury afternoon tea locations.

What is afternoon tea?

Introduced in the early 1840s, afternoon tea was originally intended to keep pangs of hunger at bay between lunch and dinner. This tea-related ritual is traditionally composed of delicately cut finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and a selection of sweet cakes and pastries. Locations usually serve an afternoon tea in a beautiful multi-tiered tray that is filled with the mouth-watering miniature treats.

This very British tradition was originally reserved for the upper echelons of society until Queen Victoria introduced it to the wider culture. Often enjoyed all over the UK to celebrate special occasions, the combination of indulgence and luxury makes it the perfect location for birthday, engagement and baby shower celebrations.

Why gift an afternoon tea?

It can be hard to think of perfect birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Mothers Day gifts and more. So, whether you know a gentleman or lady who has it all, or just want to give someone a unique experience, the gift of afternoon tea gives people the chance to unwind, relax and be pampered.

A great opportunity to gather friends and family and spend some quality time, exchange gifts, catch up and have a laugh, it’s a time for making memories and celebrating each other’s company. Most afternoon tea locations usually offer prosecco and champagne - why not add a glass and propose a toast to the special occasion?!

Afternoon tea is a truly fail-safe gift that your family and friends are sure to love. Check out our afternoon tea