Everyone needs to indulge in a bit of luxury sometimes, especially if you work in a demanding environment with minimal time to unwind. By giving yourself some quality downtime, you'll be able to recharge and ultimately feel better. One of the finest ways to relax is to visit a sensational location where all of your worries just disappear. Boutique hotels are a way of relaxing in luxury and pure comfort.

So, why a boutique hotel over just any hotel stay?

You deserve more than the standard hotel room with a bed - you should receive the full VIP package from your accommodation. As boutique hotels are all about the luxury experience they have a maximum of 100 rooms, although a large percentage of boutique hotels have 15 and under. The rooms are decorated with high-quality furnishings and stunning unique decor. With the boutique hotel experience, you will also be treated like royalty. Most boutique hotels are within city centres, but they do offer you a more calm atmosphere. Some can even be found in remote locations such as a manor house or a castle, which can make a big difference to your experience.

What else is there to enjoy at a luxury boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels tend to provide a luxury dining experience on the premises. Whether you want to enjoy afternoon tea or have a romantic meal with all of the trimmings, you are able to do so within the hotel's grounds. When it comes to boutique hotels the staff will go the extra mile to make you feel special. At most of these hotels there is a golf course, a bar (or two) and also a spa. These are just some of the reasons why boutique hotels can make a fabulous birthday or anniversary present. A getaway to a beautiful location with on-site activities is great, but a luxury hotel room with a comfortable bed and beautiful decor is a must-have.

Boutique hotels, who do they cater to?

Nevertheless, whether you're looking for a weekend break with the girls, a romantic getaway or just some time alone, boutique hotels are available for anyone to visit. You can usually choose between a variety of different rooms, so if you're looking for a spacious king-size room with a great view and a mini bar or a cosy double room overlooking the grounds, there will be a hotel that can provide this.

The most important part of any boutique hotel experience is to enjoy yourself, whether you're there for just a day or for the weekend.