5* Concierge Service

INP Concierge - Making Every Experience Special

INP Concierge provides a Luxury Concierge service dedicated to helping you get the most out of your experience or hotel break.

The service is available to every customer and is very simple to use. Call I Need Pampering and a member of the Concierge team is on hand to guide you through the 5,000 wonderful experiences on the site.

The Concierge team assists you with picking the best experience or hotel break, spa treatments, restaurant reservations to dealing with dietary requests, pet-friendly hotels, children’s entertainment and train tickets.......

Simply put, INP Concierge loves making your experience or hotel break just perfect.

The Concierge Service is completely free, I need Pampering believe that “The Greatest Gift Is An Unforgettable Experience” - that starts with the wonderful personal INP Concierge Service