Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

These certificates are great value for money, what’s the catch?

gift experience certificate

As corny as it sounds, the catch is you. We know that if you are impressed with your certificate, first of all you are going to remain a regular customer, and secondly, there is no greater tool than word of mouth advertising.

The vast majority of our experiences and gifts are offered at prices of at least 30% lower than you would receive if going direct. We are able to do this as a result of many years in the industry and we supply experiences in large volumes.

When will I receive my certificate?

It will be sent the next working day via First Class Mail.

What will my certificate look like?

Your certificate will be beautifully presented and tied with ribbons.

What happens if I lose my certificate?

In the majority of cases a replacement certificate can be issued and the original certificate will be cancelled. There is a £20 or 20%  (which ever is greater) administration charge. Marriott experiences are unable to be replaced if lost.

What happens if I want to extend my vouchers expiry date?

In the majority of cases a certificates expiry date can be extended providing there is a minimum of 21days remaining and the experience is still available for purchase. There is a £20 or 20%  (which ever is greater) plus any price variation since purchase, administration charge.

Can I buy a certificate for my friend?

Yes, just let us know if you would like it personalised. Contact us on 0161 236 3558 or fill in the form at time of payment.

When can I start booking my experience?

As soon as your certificate arrives in the post, all the necessary booking details will be enclosed.

Hairdressing Salons and Day Spa/Beauty Salon Gift Certificates

These certificates are great value for money, what’s the catch?

The catch is you! We know that if you are impressed with your certificate, first of all you are going to tell your friends, and secondly there is no greater tool than word of mouth advertising.

How do I book my first appointment/experience?

All the booking details will be on the certificate. You cannot book until your certificate arrives in the post.

Will I get a fully trained sylist / therapist?

All the stylists at the salons we use are fully qualified because impressing your is our first priority.

Am I obliged to use the salon after I have finished using the certificate?

A The certificates come with no obligations. Our job is to impress you and make your pampering memorable so that after the duration of the certificate, you will want to come back.

What if I don't use all of the services that the certificate offers ie colour or waxing?

The certificates are designed to give you choice as well as value for money. The certificates offer a wide range of services so that you can use what you would normally use and save money. The bonus of having the extra things on there is that it gives you the opportunity to try new services at no extra cost.

I have used the same stylist for all of my life! How will they know which products / colours to use on my hair?

Every hair salon certificate that we issue comes with a complimentary style and colour consultation. This gives you the opportunity to sit down with your stylist and tell that what you like / dislike and get professional advice from them. With regards to your colour, we match these by doing strand tests, your details are then kept on file for all your future visits.

What happens if I forget to bring my certificate to my appointment?

If you turn up for your appointment without your certificate, you will be charged full price, this can then be redeemed against your certificate within 7 days.

Some of the beauty packages give complimentary treatments, what are they?

They will vary between spas, but the complimentary treatments are eyelash tints, eyebrow shapes and tints, manicures, pedicures, and small waxing services.

Do I have to be getting married to enjoy the bridal packages?

No, they are actually our bestselling and best pampering packages!

Makeover Pamper Days

Will I have to buy all the photos at the end of the session?

This is a very common question with the studios, the answer is no. After your photoshoot we will show you all the images from your session. Your favourite one is free. The other photos are available for you to buy if you wish but our main priority is to give you a fabulous day for you to tell your friends about.

Can I bring my children / partner?

Of course many women like to bring their children down and for no extra cost we can photograph you with them. Others prefer to leave them at home and bring their best friend down for a girly pamper day!

What size are the pictures?

This will depend on the studio that you are visiting, images are either supplied on CD rom or alternatively an 8x10. Please check on the offer at time of purchase.

I want to be pampered but I am not at all photogenic. Have you ever had your photo taken after spending the afternoon with a professional make up artist and hair stylist? Thought not! Our stylists are all great in giving you the look that you want and making you feel fantastic, you will want a photo keep! The photographers are all very frindly and used to working with women that aren't used to being centre of attention, they will show you how to stand / sit, be comfortable and look natural.

I work full time, are there any time restrictions for the promotion? These pamper days are aimed at busy women so of course our studios will accomodate for this.

I am interested I getting a portfolio done or casting shots, is this possible?

All our photographers are highly experienced in all aspects of their field. If you have certain style of photo that you require or would like, just tell your photographer and he / she can do them for you.

I am Asian / Afro-Carribean, will the stylists be qualified to do my hair and make up?

We have a fantastic team on hair and makeup and have loads of stylists that actually specialise in make up and hair for asians and afro-carribeans. Please state when your booking what hair or skin type you have so we can book you in with the most suitable stylists.

What do I need to bring with me, what should I wear? All you need to bring is yourself and up to 5 of your favourite outfits, these can be anything you want, casual, funky, traditional. We do ask that you arrive with clean hair (no styling products in please) and no make up.

Company Information

I have never heard of I Need Pampering before, who are you?

I Need Pampering was formed in January 2005 . All activities are award winning and you will be suitably impressed, enough so to remain a regular client and so you can tell your friends.

I am interested in promoting my business through I Need Pampering, who should I contact?

You can call us in the office on 0161 236 3558 or email us at .

I am looking for a job, can I work at I Need Pampering?

Please contact a member our team on 0161 236 3558  for an informal chat and we can then take it from there.

I would like to offer my staff some pampering incentives, what corporate gifts can you offer?

The choice is endless, please contact us on 0161 236 3558 or email us at . A pampering expert will contact you asap.

How do I become a member of your online affiliate scheme?

Contact a member of I Need Pampering on 0161 236 3558 or email us at .

How can I pay?

We accept most forms of debit and credit card. Cheques can be sent to:

I Need Pampering

Unit 1.21 Waulk Mill
51 Bengal Street
M4 6LN

Cheques to be made out to "I Need Pampering Ltd". Please do not send cash in the post.