Learn How to Ceroc - Weekend Workshops




Enjoy Learn How to Ceroc - Weekend Workshops where you'll learn from true Ceroc professionals.

Ceroc is the dance craze which has been sweeping the nation for 4 decades.

Learn how to Ceroc in over 150 classes across the UK.
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Ceroc is the new dance craze which has been sweeping the nation for the past four decades. Ceroc Addiction has multiple locations across the UK, making it more convenient for you to dance the night away with friends and family or even new friends you meet on a Ceroc night.

You'll have the time of your life learning a new dance whilst meeting new people and socialising with fellow Ceroc lovers. The classes at Ceroc Addiction are catered towards various ability levels, from a first timer to a Ceroc master on the dance floor. 

Whether you aim to improve your fitness or specilaise in a new skill or if you're training for a Dance Qualification the teachers will be on hand to answer any questions and assist you with your goals.

As they say, grab your dance shoes and get ready to Ceroc!


Your amazing day will include:

Learn How to Ceroc - Weekend Workshops include:

  • Welcome and introduction from the teachers
  • 4 hours of beginner or intermediate choreography for individuals or couples. 
  • Entry to all Ceroc Addiction venues (as per list)
  • All Ceroc classes follow the exact same format
  • As soon as you walk through the door, the teacher will welcome everybody onto the dance floor and you’ll all get partnered up
  • This experience is for one person only and couples, although spectators are allowed so please feel free to bring along friends and family
  • The Weekend Workshops are £39
  • Sensible but fun shoes should be worn to ensure you are comfortable whilst dancing the night away
  • Please contact Ceroc Addiction if you have any medical conditions they need to know about before attending
  • This experience is valid for 12 months