Virgin hot balloon flight for one





Fly any day of the week with over 100 launch sites throughout the UK.

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A hot air balloon flight is a sere and unforgettable experience, offering breathtaking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique. You’ll have a real-life airborne adventure too, because hot air balloons travel with the wind so you never know exactly where you’ll fly or what you’ll see. Will it be busy towns, rolling hills, ancient forests or even your home?


Your amazing day will include:

An unforgettable experience...

  • Welcome and full safety briefing
  • Invitation to help inflate the balloon
  • Around an hour’s flight in a Virgin hot air balloon
  • Chance to help pack the balloon away
  • Glass of Champagne for traditional toast
  • A certificate signed by Sir Richard Branson and your pilot

Restrictions: We ask that all our younger passengers, children under 16 years of age, are accompanied by a responsible adult. All passengers should be at least 4’6” in height, so that they can see over the edge of the basket. There is no maximum age limit, although you’ll need to be fit enough to climb into the basket and stand for one hour. We cannot fly anyone who is pregnant or has recently undergone major surgery. Duration: You’ll enjoy a 3-4 hour experience with around an hour in the air. Availability: Any day of the week, Monday to Sunday, morning or evening depending on the location, between March and October, which is the UK ballooning season. Special Dress Requirements: It is slightly cooler in the air than on the ground, so we recommend long sleeves and trousers. And, as you will likely be walking in fields, we recommend you wear comfy flat shoes. Wearing a hat or cap is always a good idea due to the warmth from the burners. Designer wear and heels or flip-flops are not the best idea, and unfortunately we can’t accept responsibility for any damage to clothing. Weather Restrictions: The experience may be affected by the weather. You will be given a dedicated flight-line number to see if the flight is going ahead. Spectators: Friends and family are always welcome, but make sure they’re aware that there may not be seating or toilets at the launch site. Please ensure you get permission from the crew before entering the launch site for safety reasons. We do not recommend that spectators follow the balloon by car. Other Information: Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.