Zoo Keeper Experience for Two Lincolnshire




Enjoy a Zoo Keeper Experience for Two in Lincolnshire at Ark Wildlife Park, the UK's first rescue zoo is the ideal choice for any animal lover to enjoy with a friend.

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This Zoo Keeper Experience for Two in Lincolnshire is perfect for all animal lovers to enjoy and experience of  up close and personal experiences with magnificent animals that call Ark Wildlife Park home. While experiencing your day as a zookeeper, you will be involved and learn about all the duties that go in to keeping the animals happy. You will be helping with food preparation for some of the animals; with some you will be having face-to-face encounters while feeding. You and your companion will be given a behind the scenes tour, discovering all there is to know about looking after all the amazing creatures at the park.


During your Zoo Keeper Experience for Two in Lincolnshire, you will have the chance to meet some of the animals while feeding them, once they sniff out the food, you may have some new fury friends by the end of the day. All the way through the experience, the keeper will be teaching you about caring for these well-loved creatures and what goes in to keeping them happy and healthy. Once you have finished your zoo keeper experience you will have a tasty lunch at the Kalahari Café, which is part of the park, then you can spend the rest of your Zoo Keeper Experience for Two in Lincolnshire exploring the zoo with a new found appreciation of what goes into the day to day care of all the animals at Ark Wildlife Park.


Your day will include:

Meeting the Red Fox called Sox

You will have the chance for you and your companion to assist with day to day tasks of a zoo keeper, including preparing food and feeding the animals, some of the animals you will be feeding face to face.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Behind the scenes tour of various animal enclosures including:

  • Meerkats
  • Reptiles
  • Foxes
  • Skunks and many more

This will depend on the day


Enjoy a tasty Lunch provided by Kalahari Cafe after your zoo keeper experience.

Entry to the Park

You will be able to explore the rest of the park and see all the exotic animals which call Ark Wildlife Park home.

This Certificate includes a Zoo Keeper Experience for Two in Lincolnshire at Ark Wildlife Park. You will also have entry to the rest of the wildlife park and lunch at the Cafe Kalahari. Please book prior to day. Please book directly with Ark Wildlife Park. Certificate is valid for 10 months. Your voucher may be used week round, excluding Christmas and Boxing Day. All dates are subject to availability. Minimum age is 16 years. The experience will last approximately 3 hours, 11am-2pm.